Xiaomi Mi Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V



Xiaomi Mi Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V: Unleash Precision and Power for Your DIY Needs

Unlock the potential of your DIY projects with the Xiaomi Mi Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V, a versatile tool designed for efficiency and ease of use. Elevate your experience with its standout features:

1. Power and Precision in One Package:

5 N.m Powerful Magnetic Motor: Engineered with a robust magnetic motor, this screwdriver delivers an impressive 5 N.m torque. Tackle installations with confidence, from light fixtures to electronics, with unparalleled power and precision.

2. Cordless Convenience, Anytime, Anywhere:

Extra-long Battery Life (2000mAh): Enjoy the freedom of cordless portability with a high-capacity 2000mAh battery. Handle up to 180 screws on a single charge, and recharge effortlessly via the USB-C charging port. The removable battery case ensures safety with its insulated, flame-retardant design.

3. Innovative One-Piece Body Design:

Patented, One-Piece Body: The Xiaomi Mi Cordless Screwdriver boasts a visually appealing and reliable one-piece, screw-free design. Crafted with high-quality engineering plastic, a 2-coat lacquer finish provides a comfortable grip, complemented by anti-dirt and anti-rust treatment.

4. Illuminate Your Workspace with LED Ring Light:

Clear Illumination with LED Ring Light: Navigate low-light environments effortlessly with the circular light strip featuring three LEDs. The automatic lighting, activated by the start button, ensures clear visibility for precise work.

5. Seamless Integration for Enhanced Efficiency:

Integrated Design: Experience enhanced control and efficiency with the Xiaomi Mi Cordless Screwdriver’s wireless and portable design. The tool seamlessly integrates into your hand, offering optimal control for a wide range of tasks.

6. S2 High-Quality Steel Bits and Extension Rod:

Hard, Durable S2 Steel Bits: The 12 high-quality S2 alloy steel bits provide durability and a high-precision fit for various applications. Navigate tight or hard-to-reach spaces effortlessly with the 60mm added extension rod, making it ideal for a myriad of at-home needs.
Invest in the Xiaomi Mi Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V for a blend of cutting-edge technology, ergonomic design, and unparalleled performance. Elevate your DIY game with a tool that combines power, precision, and portability in one seamless package.


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