Wrist Watch BP Monitors (BP3BJ1-4D) Seller Healthcare Technologies



Wrist Watch BP Monitors (BP3BJ1-4D)
Seller Healthcare Technologies

Special Wrist Watch Type Blood Pressure Checking Machine from Microlife

Special Features:
  • Clinically tested (BHS protocol)
  • Blood Pressure and Pulse Measurement
  • PAD-Wrist Technology (Arrhythmia detection)
  • BHS A/A Validity
  • International Guarantee
  • Voice-guided
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable battery-friendly

Others Features:

  • Accuracy rated
  • 60 Memories
  • Adjustable volume knob
  • 6 Languages (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Polish)
  • 2 alarm times
  • 2 User function
  • L size display
  • Washable cuff cover
  • Equipped with storage box
  • Low battery indication
  • Mains adapter port

About Microlife Wrist Watch BP Monitors 

Empowering people with capability of managing their own health is what Microlife has been doing for nearly three decades.

The worldwide clinical validate products of Microlife are design  and develop in Switzerland, in collaboration with it’s parent company in Taiwan for engineering and mass production.

The major patents and clinical validations are performed through Microlife Switzerland.

Synergy of such a competence from Swiss innovation & precision, and Taiwan high technology & engineering

Microlife provides people with the world-first-class medical measurement device to bodyguard people’s health in everyday life.

Be aware of important warning signals !

High blood pressure is a preliminary stage of some of the most dangerous of illnesses, but today it can be kept under good control. Measure your blood pressure regularly, so that you can have it treated medically at the right time. Taking measurements is only worthwhile if the results are accurate. Incorrect results produce either carelessness or panic.

You should therefore pay attention to quality when buying blood pressure monitors. Microlife monitors are successfully clinically tested by the famous validation protocols of the European, German and British Hypertension Societies


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