Windproof Gun Lighter with Cigarettes Holder Box


  1. Gun/Pistol Lighter with Cigarette Storage
  2. Store up to 10 cigarettes
  3. Chamber depth-8.8cm
  4. Adjustable Jet Flame
  5. Refillable
  6. Weight: 83g


Windproof Gun Lighter with Cigarettes Holder Box

A flexible and useful item for outdoor enthusiasts is the Windproof Gun Lighter with Cigarettes Holder Box. This unusual gadget combines a lighter’s functions with a handy cigarette storing area.

The smokes Case was made with longevity in mind and is made of high-strength PP material. Guaranteeing appropriate preservation of your cigarettes. Its resistance is increased by the inclusion of premium metal attachments, making it more durable and able to survive harsh outdoor situations.

This small, lightweight lighter box has dimensions of 4.56 x 3.50 x 0.78 inches (11.6 x 8.9 x 2 cm) and is made to be easily portable. It can effortlessly travel with you on your outdoor adventures because it just weighs 150 grams.

The Gun/Pistol Lighter’s stylish black appearance gives it a more upscale appearance.

its layout. Its controllable jet flame serves as a dependable ignition source for a variety of tasks, including starting candles, campfires, and even outdoor cake baking. You can rely on this lighter even in inclement weather because to its windproof feature.

This gun lighter not only excels in performance but also provides a useful way to store cigarettes. The holder section keeps your cigarettes arranged and easily accessible with space for up to 10 cigarettes. The 8.8cm chamber depth offers enough room for standard-sized cigarettes.

This lighter is refillable for increased convenience, enabling you to use it frequently without having to buy replacements for it all the time. When the butane gas runs out, just replace it, and you’re good to go.

only a few pounds

This Windproof Gun Lighter with Cigarettes Holder Box weighs only 83 grams, making it an ideal outdoor companion. This multipurpose item is essential whether you’re going on camping trips, hiking expeditions, or just enjoying outdoor events.

The product list also includes 1 Lighter Box.  Gives you everything you need to take advantage of the dependability and simplicity of this windproof lighter with built-in cigarette storage.

The Windproof Gun Lighter with Cigarettes Holder Box will upgrade your outdoor equipment and provide a flawless fusion of functionality, toughness, and style.

The smokes Case can preserve your smokes properly since it is made of high-strength PP and high-quality metal attachments, which are durable and shatter-resistant.This 10-pack of regular-size lighters is perfect for outdoor activities including baking cakes, making a fire, and lighting outdoor candles.

  1. Object: A lighter
  2. color black
  3. Materials: PP with metal accents.
  4. Size: 4.56*3.50*0.78 IN/11.6*8.9.7*2 cm
  5. Size: 150gProduct List 1 Lighter Box


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