The Fantech Flash HQ53 Gaming Headphone


  1. Lightweight Design
  2. 50mm Driver Unit
  3. Red Accent Lighting
  4. Stereo 3.5mm + USB Connection


Fantech Flash HQ53 Gaming Headphone is a lightweight gaming headset with high-quality audio for an immersive gaming experience is available from Fantech. The headset has huge 50mm neodymium drivers that produce loud, clear audio, making it perfect for listening to music, watching movies, and playing games. Long gaming sessions won’t be uncomfortable with this headset because to the soft, breathable material used for the ear cups. The flexible microphone boom arm allows you to freely position the microphone for the best voice pickup, while the adjustable headband is made to provide a secure and comfortable fit for all head sizes. The HQ53 also includes a braided audio cable that is tangle-resistant, so you won’t have to waste time untangling the cord.

  1. Easily portable for comfortable gaming sessions
  2. 50mm-wide neodymium drivers provide strong and clear audio.
  3. Long-wearing ear cups are soft and airy.
  4. Headband that is adjustable for a snug and comfortable fit
  5. Flexible boom arm for microphone for best voice pickup
  1. Large 50mm neodymium drivers provide powerful and clean audio. Making it the perfect choice for gaming, music, and movies.
  2. Comfortable ear cups: The ear cups is made of soft, breathable material. High Comfort Ear Cushions
    HQ53 features comfortable ear cushions to keep you in your game!
  3. Adjustable headband: The adjustable headband is made to accommodate all sizes of heads securely and comfortably.
  4. Flexible microphone boom arm: The flexible microphone boom arm makes it simple to place the microphone in the most advantageous position voice capture.
  5. Durable Design: HQ53 gaming headset will easily withstand the rigors of gaming.
  6. Braided audio wire: The HQ53 has a tangle-resistant braided audio cable, so you won’t have to waste time untangling the cord before using the headset.
Specifications of Fantech Flash HQ53 Gaming Headphone
  1. 50mm driver diameter
  2. 32 Impedance
  3. 108 dB 3 dB of sensitivity
  4. Response to frequency: 20Hz–20kHz
  5. Sensitivity of the microphone: -38 dB 3 dB
  6. 100Hz to 10kHz is the frequency range of a microphone.
  7. Cable: 2.2 meters
  8. 3.5mm plug for the connector


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