Redragon Coeus C201 Gaming Chair 



Redragon Coeus C201 Gaming Chair – Unleash Your Gaming Potential

The Redragon Coeus C201 Gaming Chair is a dream come true for every gamer, offering ergonomic design, superior comfort, and versatile adjustments. With the ability to swivel, tilt, and support your posture, this chair ensures hours of comfortable gaming, enabling you to perform at your peak. Whether for office or home use, the Redragon Coeus C201 brings style and functionality to your space.

Product Specification

  1. Seat Foam Type: Memory Foam
  2. Seat Foam Density: 50-density
  3. Seat Frame Color: Black
  4. Seat Frame Construction: Metal
  5. Seating Surface Material: High-quality PU leather
  6. Seat Back Material: High-quality PU leather
  7. Adjustable Armrests: Yes
  8. Armrest Type: 3D armrest
  9. Armrest Pad Size: 25cm
  10. Tilt: Yes
  11. Tilt Mechanism Type: Butterfly mechanism
  12. Adjustable Tilt Angle: 3-15 degrees
  13. Tilt Lock: Yes, at the up-right position
  14. Tilt Angle Lock: N/A
  15. Gas Lift Specification: 80mm
  16. Gas Lift Class: Class 4
  17. Recline: Yes
  18. Adjustable Back Angle: 90-180 degrees
  19. Height Adjustability: 8cm
  20. Maximum Seat Height: 53cm
  21. Minimum Seat Height: 45cm
  22. Maximum Arm Height: 72cm
  23. Backrest Height: 93cm
  24. Backrest Shoulder Width: 60cm
  25. Seat Size (WxDxH): 56 x 70 x 45-53cm
  26. Package Size: 86 x 70 x 33.5cm
  27. Net Weight: 22.3KGS
  28. Gross Weight: 25.8KGS
  29. Weight Capacity: 136KGS
  30. Adjustable Lumbar Pillow: YES
  31. Adjustable Neck Pillow: YES
  32. Chair Base Material: Metal
  33. Wheel Size: 65mm
  34. Wheel Material: Nylon

Features and Benefits

  1. Ergonomically designed for superior comfort.
  2. 360-degree swivel and near 180-degree backward movement.
  3. Support cushions for improved posture and comfort.
  4. Memory Foam for enhanced seating experience.
  5. Stylish design suitable for office or home use.

Unleash your gaming potential with the Redragon Coeus C201 Gaming Chair – where comfort, style, and functionality meet in perfect harmony.




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