Next NX 303 V2 Router Backup UPS Multifunction DC

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  1. High Capacity lithium batteries, provides long backup to the loads
  2. High Compatibility, suitable for most digital products in the market
  3. USB output 5v, can supply charging for digital products like mobile phone, pda,psp,ipod,mp4…. etc
  4. Power over Ethernet (poe) can transmit the data and power at the same time to simplify wire set
  5. Intelligent circuit design with over charging, over discharging and short circuit protections
  6. Built-in adapter allows wide AC voltage range (85-265Vac)

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Introducing the Next NX 303 V2 Router Backup UPS Multifunction DC – Powering Your Connectivity


Integrated Lithium Battery: Experience ultimate convenience with the built-in lithium battery, ensuring reliable power backup.

Microprocessor Controller: High reliability is guaranteed through precise control with an advanced microprocessor controller.

Auto Start Function: Hassle-free operation as the device automatically activates upon plugging in.

Manual Power Off: Empower yourself with manual control using the convenient power-off switch.

Safety Protections: Rest easy with overload, short circuit, overcharge, and over-discharge protections in place.

Multi-LED Indicators: Stay informed with user-friendly status indicators featuring multiple LEDs.

Adjustable Output Voltage: Customize your power supply – set the output voltage to either 9V or 12VDC with an easy-to-use switch.

5VDC USB Charging: Enjoy added versatility with a 5VDC USB charger integrated for your devices.

Applications: Perfect for routers, modems, wireless phones, and CCTV systems, enhancing connectivity across various devices.

SPECS OF Next NX 303 V2 Router Backup UPS:

  1. Up to 18 Hours of Backup: Ensure uninterrupted power supply for your devices, keeping you connected for extended periods.
  2. Built-In Lithium Battery: Experience reliable power backup with the device’s built-in lithium battery.
  3. Microprocessor Controller: High reliability and precise control to ensure optimal performance.
  4. Auto Start Function: Seamless operation with automatic activation upon plugging in.
  5. Safety Features: Overload and short circuit protection, along with overcharge and over-discharge protection for enhanced safety.
  6. User-Friendly LED Indicators: Easy monitoring of device performance with multi-LED status indicators.
  7. Adjustable Output Voltage: Customize your power output effortlessly – choose between 9V or 12VDC with a simple switch.
  8. 5VDC USB Charger: Added versatility with a built-in 5VDC USB charger.
  9. Microprocessor Controller: Advanced technology for high reliability and precise control.
  10. Manual Power Switch: Empower yourself with manual control over the power supply.
  11. Safety Protections: Comprehensive safety measures include overload, short circuit, overcharge, and over-discharge protection.
  12. Applications: Versatile compatibility, suitable for routers, modems, wireless phones, and CCTV systems.
  13. High Compatibility: Suitable for most digital products on the market, ensuring broad compatibility.
  14. Power over Ethernet (PoE): Simplify wiring with simultaneous data and power transmission.
  15. Intelligent Circuit Design: Comprehensive protection with features like overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuit safeguards.
  16. Built-In Adapter: Flexibility in power supply with a wide AC voltage range (85-265Vac).


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