MSI Pro MP251 24.5-Inch Computer Monitor 100Hz, IPS, VESA Mount, and Eye Care Features


  1. 25 inch Broadened Display – Enjoy the upgraded canvas in the limited space.
  2. 100 Hz refresh rate provides a better viewing experience with flicker-free image.
  3. TUV Certified Eyesight Protection
  4. Maintain versatility across various devices by utilizing multiple input sources, such as HDMI and D-Sub(VGA) ports.
  5. MSI EyesErgo technology with Anti-Flicker technology helps prevent eye strain and fatigue.
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MSI Pro MP251 24.5-Inch Computer Monitor – Enhance Productivity with 100Hz, IPS, VESA Mount, and Eye Care Features

Elevate your workspace with the MSI Pro MP251 24.5-inch Computer Monitor. Experience a flicker-free 100Hz refresh rate, TUV-certified eyesight protection, IPS panel, and VESA mountabile. Boost productivity with ergonomic design and versatile connectivity options. Upgrade your visual experience today.

Unleash the potential of your workspace with the MSI Pro MP251 Computer Monitor, featuring a 24.5-inch display, 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, and a host of productivity-enhancing features. This monitor is designed to provide a seamless and comfortable user experience, making it an ideal choice for both office and home use.

Flicker-Free 100Hz Refresh Rate:

Immerse yourself in a smoother viewing experience with the 100Hz refresh rate, ensuring flicker-free images. According to VESA’s research, 85Hz has become the standard for normal use, making the Pro MP251’s 100Hz refresh rate perfect for online conference calls and delivering flawless advertising videos to customers.

TUV-Certified Eyesight Protection:

Take care of your eyes with TUV-certified eyesight protection. MSI EyesErgo technology, coupled with Anti-Flicker technology, helps prevent eye strain and fatigue, ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment.

Broadened 24.5-inch Display:

Upgrade your visual experience with the broadened 24.5-inch display, providing an enhanced canvas in limited space. The ergonomic design and MSI Eye Care Technology contribute to increased comfort, promoting healthier productivity.

Versatile Connectivity:

Maintain versatility across various devices with multiple input sources, including HDMI and D-Sub(VGA) ports. The VESA mountable design, built-in speakers, and complete I/O ports make the Pro MP251 Series a caring assistant that boosts your productivity.

IPS Panel with 178° Viewing Angle:

Collaborate seamlessly with the IPS panel, offering a wide 178° viewing angle and accurate colors. This panel enhances productivity during extended sessions, ensuring vibrant and precise visuals for all your tasks.

Ergonomic Design for Efficiency and Comfort:

The tilt-adjustable and tool-less design, along with the ergonomic features, aims to enhance efficiency, comfort, and safety. Reduce discomfort and the risk of injury while enjoying a vibrant and comfortable workspace.

Optimized for Productivity:

The 24.5-inch screen size aligns optimally with human visual focus, providing an immersive and ergonomic experience. Concentrate your efforts and empower productivity with the Pro MP251 Series.

Upgrade your workspace with the MSI Pro MP251 24.5-inch Computer Monitor – where flawless flow meets vibrant collaboration for a seamless and productive work environment.

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