Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter


  1. 360 Degree 3 Layer filtration
  2. True HEPA Filter with filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particle size up to 0.3 microns
  3. Primary filter to filter out large particles
  4. Activated Carbon filter removes formaldehyde, odor, TVOC and more


Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter M8R-FLH, Triple Layer with Activated Carbon, Compatible with Mi Air Purifier 3C 3H 3, 2C 2H 2S, Pro

  1. 360 Degree 3-Layer Core, EZ 10 Second Filter Changes
  2. High Performance up of 380m³/h, Genuine Replacement with RFID chip.
  3. Composed of 3 Layers: Primary Layer, True HEPA Layer & Activated Carbon Layer
  4. Compatible with: Mi Air Purifier 2 / 2H / 2C / 2 Pro
  5. Compatible with: Mi Air Purifier 3 / 3C / 3H / 3 Pro

RFID Certified Genuine Xiaomi Products

3 Layer Filter, Primary Layer, HEPA Layer, Activated Carbon Layer

Mi Air Purifier Series

HEPA filter

Genuine Xiaomi Replacement

Each filter comes with its own unique RFID Tag.

This ensures maximum efficiency and only the highest quality cores are used with your Mi Air Purifier.

Triple Layer HEPA filter

360° Triple Layer Filter core consists of:

Primary Layer

True HEPA Layer

Activated Carbon Layer


Easy Filter Changes

Changing filters is an easy experience that can be done in 3 steps.

Recommended filter changes every 6-12 months depending on how heavy usage is.

Wide Compatiblity

Fits all Mi Air Purifier Models:

Air Purifier 2H 2S 2C

Air Purifier 3C, 3H

Mi Air Purifier Pro

Specifications Of Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter
Model: M8R-FLH
Filtration Layers Primacy, True HEPA & Activated Carbon
Compatiblity: Mi Air Purifier 2C, Mi Air Purifier 2H, Mi Air Purifier 2S, Mi Air Purifier 3C, Mi Air Purifier 3H, Mi Air Purifier Pro
Filter Change Frequency: 6-12 months depending on usage


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