MacVision Wireless Wifi IP PTZ CCTV, Security Camera



MacVision Wireless Wifi IP PTZ CCTV Camera – 2Mpx, 1080P Full HD

Explore the world of advanced surveillance with the MacVision Wireless Wifi IP PTZ CCTV Camera. Boasting a high-definition 2Mpx, 1080P Full HD resolution, this camera operates seamlessly via the V380 mobile app. Enjoy remote viewing from anywhere globally and insert a Micro SD card up to 64GB for convenient recording storage. The two-way audio feature allows both audio reception and transmission for comprehensive communication. With intelligent features like object tracking, low illumination support, and various recording modes, MacVision ensures your security needs are met effectively. Order now for cutting-edge surveillance technology at your fingertips.


  1. High-Definition Clarity: 2Mpx, 1080P Full HD resolution for clear and detailed surveillance footage.
  2. Mobile App Compatibility: Operate the camera conveniently via the V380 mobile app, providing global access to your camera’s video feed.
  3. Micro SD Card Support: Insert a Micro SD card up to 64GB for 5 to 7 days of recording storage on a looping basis.
  4. Two-Way Audio: Enjoy comprehensive communication with two-way audio support, enabling audio reception and transmission through the IP camera.
  5. Object Tracking: Intelligent object tracking feature enhances surveillance capabilities.
  6. Low Illumination Support: Achieve clear footage even in low light conditions with 0.1LUX/F1.2 low illumination support.
  7. Video Compression: Smart H.264+ compression for efficient video storage and transmission.
  8. Rotation Angles: Horizontal rotation of 355° and vertical rotation of 90° provide extensive coverage.
  9. Various Recording Modes: Choose from manual record, motion detection record, scheduled record, and alarm record modes for customized surveillance.
  10. Video Storage Options: Utilize TF Card or Cloud storage for video storage and playback with backup support.
  11. Alarm Trigger: Video Push, Alarm recording, screenshot capture, and email notifications enhance security alerts.
  12. Transmission Modes: P2P and Smart Cloud Server for seamless data transmission.

Elevate your surveillance experience with MacVision Wireless Wifi IP PTZ CCTV Camera – order now for advanced features and reliable security monitoring.


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