Jedel GM830 Gaming Mouse USB Wired



Jedel GM830 Gaming Mouse is a gaming mouse that gives a pleasant feeling while playing games on computers. Must have it to experience ultra feeling playing games. It is comfortable to use, ergonomic design, and professional. In addition, this is an 8D gaming mouse and has a colorful LED light.


7 keys game type optical mouseErgonomic design. Feel particularly good. 800 – 2400 DPI high precision game optical engine, precise positioning. Original high-intensity LED lamp life of up to 60,000 hours. Soft switching of the long life span of up to 8 000 000 times. The reaction is extremely sensitive. Circuit multi-level protection to ensure normal work in harsh environments. An enameled cord of high strength

8D wired gaming light mouse


2. firstly, DPI:1200/1600/2400/3200DPI
3.1.5m anti-interference magnetic ring
braided cable
4. Changfeng 5 million switches
5 Rubber roll
6. Also supports color luminescent
7. lastly, ABS material, programmable

Jedel GM830 Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice provide a lot of benefits compared to regular mice. It can be proven for many As a good buy. It is known, Gaming mice can be a great investment if you want a device that is more comfortable, more durable. Also has improved functionality, and is optimized for gaming performance. USB Wired 6D Optical Gaming Mouse for Computer/PC / Laptop with LED Infrared-Micro 8D DPI Adjustment, High-Speed Roller, Advanced Tuning. Therefore, enjoy jedel!

, you shouldn’t expect any less than another high range mouse

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