Havit GE05 Gaming Earphone for Type-C Device


  • Speaker:∅10mm
  • Impedance:16Ω±15%
  • Sensitivity:92db±3db
  • Frequency Response:20-20kHz
  • Microphone: Dual microphones
  • Plug: TYPE-C
  • Cord Lengt:1.2m


Havit GE05 Gaming Earphone In Nepal
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Habit is a good performance brand with cost efficiency products in pursuit of comfort.

Havit GE05 Gaming Earphone to use for gaming & listening to music, the sound they produce is awesome. It could provide you with the best experience. Since it is designed for games.

Gaming Earphones

The well-thought-out design makes the gaming earphones from Havit extremely comfortable and does not cause discomfort even when worn for a long period of time. Thanks to this, you can focus on the game. In addition, the minimalist and modern design gives them a unique look.

Multiple listening modes

You can use the LED1 button to set sound effects that will make you feel like you’re in a recording studio or a concert hall. The LED2 button lets you, for instance, sharpen the bass or other game sounds. With the GE05, you’ll feel like you are on the battlefield and hear your enemy’s every move.

Noise cancellation

With noise cancellation, no noise will get in the way of your gameplay and you will hear every step of your enemy. The stereo channels improve sound quality and take your gaming experience to the next level, making gaming even more exciting.

Dual microphone

The earphones have a dual microphone, one is built-in and the other can be detached at any time for added comfort. The dual-microphone allows you to communicate with other players and make sure your voice is always clear and heard.

Gaming Earphone Specifications

Product Types: Earphone
Brand: Havit
Model: GE05
Sensitivity: 92db±3db
Frequency Response:20-20kHz
Microphone: Dual microphones
Plug: TYPE-C
Cord Lengt:1.2m


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