GeekVape 6 in 1 Pre-Built Coil Pack


  1. 2 x Alien Coils (single 0.37ohm / dual 0.18ohm)
  2. 2 x Alpha Braid Coils (single 0.32ohm / dual 0.16ohm)
  3. 4 x Fused Clapton Coils (single 0.38ohm / dual 0.19ohm)
  4. 2 x Clapton Helix Coils (single 0.36ohm / dual 0.18ohm)
  5. 2 x Clapception Coil (Single 0.58ohm / dual 0.28ohm)
  6. 2 x Tidal Coil (single 0.52ohm / dual 0.26ohm)


GeekVape 6-in-1 Pre-Built Coil Pack

Select Vape presents the GeekVape 6-in-1 Pre-Built Coil Pack by (GeekVape). Comes with 6 different types of coils within one container, enabling the user to test out different types to their liking. These coils are designed with high-grade materials to increase durability and reduce carbon deposit. The case is perfect for those seeking pre-built coils however cannot decide which type of coil works best for them.

Coil Type Resistance Wire Configuration Coil Setup Diameter Wraps
Alien Coil 0.37Ω 28GA*3 + 32GA (N80) Single 3mm 5
0.18Ω 28GA*3 + 32GA (N80) Dual 3mm 5
Alpha Braid Coil 0.32Ω 26GA + 40GA*2(=)*16 (N80) Single 3mm 6
0.16Ω 26GA + 40GA*2(=)*16 (N80) Dual 3mm 6
Fused Clapton Coil 0.38Ω 26GA*2 (KA1) + 36GA (N80) Single 3mm 6
0.19Ω 26GA*2 (KA1) + 36GA (N80) Dual 3mm 6
Clapton Helix Coil 0.36Ω [28GA (KA1) + 38GA (N80)]2 + 26GA2 (KA1) Single 3mm 6
0.18Ω [28GA (KA1) + 38GA (N80)]2 + 26GA2 (KA1) Dual 3mm 6
Clapception Coil 0.58Ω 24GA + (28GA + 32GA) (KA1) Single 3mm 5
0.28Ω 24GA + (28GA + 32GA) (KA1) Dual 3mm 5
Tidal Coil 0.52Ω 30GA2 (TWISTED) + (0.20.8) (KA1) Single 3mm 6
0.26Ω 30GA2 (TWISTED) + (0.20.8) (KA1) Dual 3mm 6


(2) Alien Coils
(4) Alpha Braid Coils
(4) Fused Clapton Coils
(2) Clapton Helix Coils
(2) Clapception Coils
(6) Tidal Coils


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