1. GeekVape Wenax U Kit
  2. 2ml Refillable Pod
  3. 1000mAh Built-In Battery
  4. Delivers Up To 20W
  5. Inhale Activated
  6. MTL & RDTL Vaping



Aegis U (AU) Pod Starter Kit by GeekVape is perfect for novice vapers since it is extremely easy to vape! Without pressing a single button, you just draw on the GeekVape U Pod’s mouthpiece (auto-draw) after filling it with 2mL of vape juice. You’ll be mouth-to-lung (MTL) or restricted direct-lung (DL) vaping at low wattage the majority of the day with the GeekVape AU Pod Kit’s 800mAh built-in battery that’s also crack-resistant. The disposable U Pods can go through 10mL of e-liquid (or five refills) before you discard them too, making the Aegis U Pod Kit efficient, cost-effective and a pleasure to vape with.


The GeekVape U Pod Cartridge is the simplest way to enjoy vaping since it requires no other experience to use it other than learning how to fill it with e-liquid. Simplicity doesn’t mean you won’t get satisfying vaping though. Check out all the U Pod features and you’ll see what we mean


  1. Mellow vapour flavour and good throat hit – the built-in 0.7 or 1.1-ohm coils of the U Pod Cartridges give you decent vapour flavour and low vape clouds (warmer from 0.7 and cooler vapour from 1.1 ohm).
  2. Clear-view pod – see your e-juice level to keep it above the cotton openings of the built-in coil for pod longevity and you may avoid accidentally burning your coil which can happen when accidentally vaping on an empty pod.
  3. Lip comfort – a duck-billed mouthpiece gives you comfortable vaping with its slim top edge that suits your lips.
  4. Secure connection – magnets keep your Geek Vape U Pod in place securely.
  5. 2mL vape juice capacity – goes the distance when you’re low-wattage vaping the Aegis U Pod Kit.
  6. Semi-convenient side fill – take the pod out of the AU Battery, lift the rubber tab located on the side of the pod and fill it with e-liquid.
  7. Disposable – keep refilling the U Pod Cartridge until you can vape no more, then dispose of and replace it with a brand-new pod! You’ll know when it’s time for a change if your vaping has become bad-tasting, it’s leaking or has significantly less vape cloud production.
  8. At least five refills per pod – each U Pod Cartridge will go through a minimum of 10mL (on average), or five refills, before needing replacement.
  9. Cross-compatible – GeekVape U Pods can also be used with the Sonder U Pod Kit and possibly more simple vape kits in the future!
  10. MTL vaping – the low-wattage, higher-resistance built-in coil of the U Pod combined with the small air inlet holes of the Aegis U Battery let you loosely MTL vape with both 0.7 or 1.1 ohm pods, where you hold vapour in your mouth, then inhale to the lungs (as you’d smoke a ciggie but without the putrid smell). If you like tighter MTL draws, you can cover the air hole with your finger as you draw.
  11. RDL vaping – the mid-range resistance (ohm) of the built-in 0.7-ohm coil and very slightly loose air intake also give you the option of RDL draws (inhaling vapour directly to your lungs with restriction, like breathing in through your vape kit).

There’s not much to the GeekVape Aegis U Pod Kit in terms of complexity. It’s easy to vape with, even if you don’t have much vaping experience, is more durable to handle bumps and bruises, and most of all, you can take it anywhere you go without it weighing down your pocket.

Please note:

It’s essential to prime new pods before vaping:

  1. Fill the pod with e-liquid and close the rubber plug.
  2. Cover the air holes at the bottom of the pod with your finger while gently taking about five short draws on the mouthpiece. This draws e-liquid to the coil’s cotton to saturate it and avoids getting dry hits or prematurely burning your coil. You can also let the pod sit for five minutes after filling as an extra precaution.
  3. Install the pod on the battery and vape.


Product Specification of GEEK VAPE AU AEGIS U POD KIT

Specification Details
Size 94.62 x 26.6mm
E-Liquid Capacity 2mL
Power Output Up to 20W
Weight 48.3g
Battery 800mAh capacity, built-in
Coil Resistance 0.7 ohm & 1.1 ohm
Charging Port Type-C USB
Pod Feature ‘Clear-view’ pod for e-juice level
Vaping Mechanism Auto-draw vaping
User-Friendly Simple to use, suitable for beginners
Pod Filling Side-filling design
Draw Options MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) and RDL (Restricted Direct Lung) draws
  1. GeekVape Aegis U Battery/Device
  2. GeekVape U Pod Cartridge 0.7 ohm (16-19W)
  3. GeekVape U Pod Cartridge 1.1 ohm (9-12W)
  4. Type-C USB charging cable


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