FIFINE SC3 Gaming Audio Mixer 48V Phantom Power

Original price was: ₨ 9,999.00.Current price is: ₨ 6,999.00.

  1. Brand: FIFINE
  2. Number of Channels: 4
  3. Connectivity Technology: XLR
  4. Power Source: Corded Electric
  5. Output Connector type: XLR,RGB


FIFINE SC3 Gaming Audio Mixer 48V Phantom Power, Streaming RGB PC Mixer with XLR Microphone Interface, Individual Control, Volume Fader, Mute Button, for Podcast/Recording/Vocal/Game Voice-AmpliGame

Here’s the information of FIFINE SC3 Gaming Audio Mixer 48V Phantom Power

Feature Description
XLR Mic Input The gaming audio mixer provides XLR microphone input connection, ideal for enhancing audio quality with your XLR setup.
Individual Channel Control Smooth volume slider faders offer precise control over four independent channels: MICROPHONE, LINE IN, HEADPHONE, and LINE OUT.
Configurable on the PC audio mixer, providing control beyond your game or streaming software.
Mute and Monitor Convenient front-panel mute and monitor buttons make it easy to use the audio interface.
Muting prevents background noise during live broadcasts, and real-time monitoring ensures confident speaking.
Sound Effects Supports four customizable buttons for pre-recorded sound effects, saving time in post-production.
Offers 6 voice-changing modes and 12 auto-tune options to add fun and variety to your streaming or gaming voice.
Controllable Vibrant RGB FIFINE SC3 Gaming Audio Mixer 48V Phantom Power has RGB button allows customization to match different live streaming themes.
Vibrant, eye-friendly RGB lighting options create a visually appealing “light show” for your audience.
Easy Use for More Scenes Features intuitive audio ports for easy setup, supports two PC settings, and allows for balancing music, game, and other audio settings.
Plug-and-play compatibility with Mac OS and Windows makes it suitable for various streaming and content creation platforms.





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