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  1. 65% Form Factor
  2. South Facing PCB
  3. Rotary Encoder Knob
  4. Wireless (BT + 2.4ghz) & Wired
  5. Gateron Hotswap Sockets
  6. Kailh Box White / Pre-Lubed Gateron Milky Yellow Switches
  7. DYE-SUB PBT Keycaps
  8. Includes plate foam & tray foam



A mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable switches and RGB lights from Fantech is the. The hot-swappable feature makes it simpler to modify the keyboard because it enables users to quickly swap out the key switches without the need for soldering. The keyboard is given a customizable and eye-catching touch by the RGB lights. The mechanical switches on the keyboard offer a tactile and responsive typing experience. Overall, the Fantech Maxfit67 MK858 is a superb keyboard with a wide range of personalization choices.

104 keys are on the full-sized keyboard, which has a conventional layout. Additionally, it contains separate volume control keys and multi-media keys that let users effortlessly modify their audio without pausing their work. Plug-and-play connectivity is supported, and the keyboard works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The keyboard may be customized by users to meet their unique demands thanks to its capability for customizable macros and key remapping. Users may define the tone for their setup with the RGB lighting’s configurable features, which include a variety of effects and color selections. The Fantech Maxfit67 MK858 keyboard is dependable for daily use because it is made of high-quality components and has a sturdy design.

Regarding this item

  1. Keyboard Makeovers: High-quality Gateron Hotswappable Sockets for 5-pin and 3-pin. Independent of brand, to enable maximum support for numerous switches;
  2. You may personalize your preferred keys and macros with an aluminum macro knob that can be programmed.
  3. Superior Typing Performance: The next level of typing sensation and comfort is provided with DYE-SUB PBT keycaps. Pre-lubricated stabilizers, Kailh Box White switches, updated 2-piece sound dampening foam, and adjustable 3-step height.
  4. 3 Connection Modes: Supports simultaneous connections of up to 5 devices using Bluetooth,
  5. 2.4GHz, and USB-C wired connections. Take on your job and gaming with the utmost multitasking and productivity.

These are some of the features of the Fantech Maxfit67 MK858:

  1. Customizable RGB lighting with a variety of effects and color choices.
  2. Switches that can be easily swapped out without the need for soldering are known as hot-swappable switches.
  3. Physical and responsive typing is made possible by mechanical switches.
  4. 104 keys with a conventional layout and a dedicated volume control wheel make up the full-sized configuration.
  5. Operating systems for Windows, Mac, and Linux are all compatible.
  6. Plug-and-play connectivity eliminates the need for additional software.
  7. Changeable key mapping and macros: Customizable keyboard that can be used for various purposes.
  8. Strong construction: Made for daily usage using high-quality materials.
  9. Multiple operating systems are supported, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

These characteristics make the Fantech Maxfit67 MK858 a functional keyboard with hot-swappable switches, configurable RGB illumination, and a mechanical construction that responds quickly.



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