1. GX12 Connector
  2. 1.75 M Length
  3. Type-C to USB-A
  4. Available in 4 Colors



An example of a cable used for data transfer or charging is the Fantech Coiled Cable AC701. The cable is coiled, making it a practical and room-saving choice that can be extended for usage and then drawn back for storage. The AC701 model enables users to connect gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops to a USB power source or computer. It also offers USB charging and data transfer. The cable is dependable for routine usage because it is strong and made of top-notch materials. It’s vital to check the product specifics before purchasing because the specific features and specifications of the cable may differ depending on the Nature of the product you are searching for.

For all of your data transfer and charging needs, the Fantech Coiled Cable AC701 is the ideal choice. The cable’s coiled shape makes it simple to store and transport, and its high-quality construction guarantees its dependability and durability.

With the AC701 model’s Micro USB compatibility, you can charge your gadgets quickly and efficiently. You can transfer files and media between your devices and computer thanks to its data transfer capability. Because of this, the Fantech Coiled Cable AC701 is a useful and practical addition for daily use.

  1. GX12 Connector
  2. The cable’s coiled form keeps it organized and eliminates tangles, making it a fantastic choice for usage when traveling. The cable takes up very little room in your backpack or luggage and is simple to pack and keep.
  3. The cable’s coiled form makes it simple to store and move since it eliminates clutter and prevents tangling.
  4. You may use the AC701 model to charge your devices and transfer files between them and your computer because it supports both USB charging and data transmission.
  5. High-quality materials were used to make the cable, which makes it reliable and able to survive daily use.
  6. Compatible with a variety of devices: The cable works with a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  7. Useful and adaptable: Whether you’re at home, work, or on the go, the coiled cable is an adaptable and convenient accessory for your daily life.
  8. Small space needed: The cable’s coiled shape requires very little room, making it easy to carry


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