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  1. Smart night vision with Smart IR (up to 10m/33ft.)
  2. 2MP Camera
  3. Full HD 1080p
  4. Motorized Pan and Tilt 360deg Visual Coverage
  5. Sleep Mode for Privacy Protection
  6. Motion Detection
  7. Smart Tracking
  8. Two-Way Talk
  9. View From Anywhre
  10. wifi 2.4 GHz
  11. MicroSD Slot (up to 256 GB)


EZVIZ C6N Dome PT 1080P 2MP WiFi Security Camera – Intelligent Surveillance for Enhanced Protection

Discover the EZVIZ C6N Security Camera with Smart IR, 360-degree pan-and-tilt coverage. Full HD 1080p resolution, motion detection, smart tracking, two-way talk, and sleep mode for privacy. Experience advanced night vision, seamless communication, and secure storage options with MicroSD and EZVIZ Cloud.

Unleash the power of advanced surveillance with the EZVIZ C6N Dome PT 1080P 2MP WiFi Security Camera. This intelligent camera is designed to provide comprehensive security features. Ensuring you stay connected and protected at all times.

Key Features:

  1. Smart Night Vision with Smart IR (up to 10m/33ft): Experience enhanced night vision with Smart IR. Capture more details in low light conditions.
  2. 2MP Camera with Full HD 1080p: Enjoy crystal-clear video quality for detailed monitoring and surveillance.
  3. Motorized Pan and Tilt – 360-degree Visual Coverage: The C6N offers a wide field of view. Eliminating blind spots and ensuring complete coverage.
  4. Sleep Mode for Privacy Protection: Activate the sleep mode with a tap on the EZVIZ App, providing you privacy whenever needed.
  5. Motion Detection with Smart Tracking: The camera intelligently tracks moving objects, alerting you in real-time and capturing images for your review.
  6. Two-Way Talk: Communicate with your loved ones or deter intruders using the convenient two-way talk feature via the EZVIZ App.
  7. View From Anywhere: Stay connected with your home from anywhere using the EZVIZ App, providing real-time access to your camera feed.
  8. WiFi 2.4 GHz: Seamless connectivity with standard 2.4 GHz WiFi for reliable and convenient access.
  9. MicroSD Slot (Up to 256 GB): Save your recordings locally with the built-in MicroSD card slot, offering ample storage capacity.

Intelligent IR Technology

The C6N’s Smart IR function adjusts the intensity of infrared LEDs automatically, preventing overexposure in night vision mode and providing more details of objects or people captured in low light conditions.

360-Degree Coverage

With a panoramic 360-degree field of view, the C6N ensures complete coverage, eliminating blind spots and providing a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

Smart Motion Tracking

Automatically track moving objects with the C6N’s intelligent motion tracking feature, capturing real-time images for enhanced security.

Two-Way Communication

Utilize the two-way talk feature to communicate with your family or deter unwanted visitors through the EZVIZ App, offering convenient communication wherever you are.

Privacy On-Demand

Activate sleep mode with a single tap on the EZVIZ App for enhanced privacy when needed, ensuring control over your camera’s monitoring capabilities.

Secure Storage Options

Store your recordings with flexibility and security. The C6N supports MicroSD cards up to 256 GB and offers the option to save images to EZVIZ Cloud for additional backup.


Experience the next level of intelligent surveillance with the EZVIZ C6N Security Camera. Which offers advanced features for enhanced protection, privacy, and peace of mind.




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