ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi Gaming Router (GT-AC2900) 



ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi Gaming Router (GT-AC2900) – Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Triple-Level Acceleration and RGB Lighting

Level up your gaming with the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 WiFi Gaming Router. Boasting triple-level game acceleration, GeForce NOW support, and eye-catching Aura RGB lighting, this router is a powerhouse for seamless online gaming and network security. Explore its features for an unrivaled gaming experience.

Key Features of ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC2900:

  1. Triple-Level Game Acceleration: Experience lower ping times and reduced latency at every stage of your gaming journey, from your device to the game server. Enjoy smoother and more responsive online gaming.
  2. Strong Wi-Fi Signal: Equipped with high-performance antennas, the GT-AC2900 delivers a robust Wi-Fi signal that easily passes through walls. Enjoy stable online gaming performance anywhere in your home and reduce the need for LTE service fees.
  3. Cloud-Gaming Router: NVIDIA GeForce NOW recommended router, transforming your non-gaming system into a powerful gaming rig. Connect to over 400 top games on popular PC platforms like Steam and Uplay.
  4. Fortified Frontline Network Security: AiProtection Pro, powered by Trend Micro, defends your network from external threats by neutralizing them before reaching your devices. Enjoy lifetime free network security for peace of mind.
  5. Port Forwarding in 3 Steps: Open NAT on the GT-AC2900 is easy with a simple 3-step process, eliminating frustration and complications.
  6. AiMesh Compatible: Collaborate with other Asus AiMesh compatible routers to create a powerful, flexible, and seamless whole-home Wi-Fi system. Extend your gaming network coverage effortlessly.
  7. Monitor Your Network with Style: The GT-AC2900 features ASUS Aura lighting with multiple effects, creating a stylish vibe that complements your gaming setup. The lighting can reflect the status of your network, providing instant visual feedback.


  1. Game Acceleration: Triple-Level
  2. GeForce NOW Compatibility: Yes
  3. AiMesh Supported: Yes
  4. Network Security: AiProtection Pro (Lifetime Free), Powered by Trend Micro
  5. Port Forwarding: Easy 3-Step Process
  6. RGB Lighting: ASUS Aura with Multiple Effects
  7. Dimensions: Compact Design
  8. Wireless Bands: Dual-Band (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  9. Wi-Fi Standards: 802.11ac
  10. Gaming Optimization: Prioritized Game Traffic
  11. LAN Ports: Gigabit Ethernet
  12. Router Management: User-Friendly Interface
  13. Warranty: Manufacturer’s Warranty Included

Elevate your gaming experience with the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 WiFi Gaming Router. Unleash the power of triple-level game acceleration and enjoy the convenience of advanced features. Get yours today!



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