Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smart watch Fitness Watch with SpO2, 10 ATM Waterproof, 18 Day Battery Life, GPS – Military Standard Certified (Meteorite Black)



Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smart watch – Explore with Confidence, 10 ATM Waterproof, 18-Day Battery Life, GPS (Meteorite Black)

Meta Description: Dive into adventure with the Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch. Boasting a rugged design, 10 ATM waterproof rating, and 18-day battery life, this high-level exploration partner supports over 100 sports modes, SpO2 measurement, heart rate monitoring, and more.

Rugged Design, Supreme Comfort

Unleash the power of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro, a titan of practicality, strength, and comfort. The 1.3-inch HD AMOLED always-on color screen ensures you stay informed without interrupting your activities. The metal-sprayed outer bezel enhances the watch’s rich textures, complemented by a sweat-wicking silicone strap for all-day comfort.

Built for the Elements: 15 Military Standard Certified

Crafted to endure extreme conditions, the T-Rex Pro has passed 15 military-grade tests. Designed with distinct angles, this watch conquers hot deserts, humid rainforests, and polar glaciers, demonstrating unparalleled endurance in any environment.

Altitude Awareness and SpO2 Measurement

Ascend safely with the Amazfit T-Rex Pro’s altitude change alerts. The built-in SpO2 measurement system ensures you can monitor your blood-oxygen saturation, crucial in high-altitude or challenging environments, or whenever you feel discomfort.

Navigate with Precision: GPS+GLONASS+BeiDou+Galileo

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch is Equipped with GPS+GLONASS, GPS+BeiDou, and GPS+Galileo, this smartwatch offers rapid and accurate positioning through four global navigation satellite systems. Wherever you go, stay confidently oriented with the T-Rex Pro.

Personalized Health Assessment with PAI

Unlock personalized health insights with the PAI health assessment system. Transforming complex health data into a single numerical value, PAI supports various workout modes, delivering customized evaluations regardless of time or location.

Dive Into the Deep: 10 ATM Waterproof

With an impressive 10 ATM waterproof rating, the T-Rex Pro is water-resistant up to 100 meters. Join the adventure, whether you’re surfing, swimming, or exploring underwater worlds, without worrying about your smartwatch.

Over 100 Sports Modes: Monitor Your Progress in Real Time

Experience versatility with over 100 sports modes on the Amazfit T-Rex Pro. Track critical data like heart rate, distance, movement speed, and calories burned in real-time, enhancing your athletic performance and progress.

Sleep Quality Monitoring: Your Personal Sleep Assistant

Prioritize your well-being with the T-Rex Pro as your sleep assistant. Recognizing different sleep states, including light, deep, and REM sleep, and monitoring daytime naps, provides a comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality and potential breathing issues.

Ultimate Battery Endurance: 18 Days of Freedom

Enjoy an ultra-long 18-day battery life with typical usage on a single charge. With up to 9 days of heavy usage or continuous GPS working time of up to 40 hours, the T-Rex Pro ensures uninterrupted tracking of your activities.

Your Everyday Personal Assistant

Stay connected with the T-Rex Pro as it notifies you of incoming texts, calls, alarms, and events. Never miss crucial information, making this smartwatch your ultimate personal assistant.

Ultra-long 18-Day Battery Life: When fully charged, you can relax and enjoy up to 18 days of activity and progress with typical usage, or up to 9 days with heavy usage. One charge for 18 days accompanies the Amazfit T-Rex Pro.

Features & Details

  1. The toughness from the Inside Out: 1.3-inch HD AMOLED, always-on color screen with metal-sprayed outer bezel.
  2. 10 ATM Waterproof: Water-resistant up to 100 meters, perfect for various water activities.
  3. Over 100 Sports Modes: Real-time monitoring for most sports modes.
  4. Your Ultimate Personal Assistant: Receive notifications for texts, calls, alarms, and events.
  5. Ultra-long 18-Day Battery Life: Enjoy up to 18 days of typical usage on a single charge.

Embark on your adventure with the Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smart watch – the smartwatch that combines toughness, functionality, and endurance for the explorer in you.


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