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Linksys is here in Nepal, American brand of data networking hardware. Experience fast, reliable, secure and easy to use WiFi when you level up with connectivity solutions made for home, business, and enterprise from Linksys

Linksys strives to create the world’s most dependable, innovative, and future-ready wireless solutions that conveniently link every person and everything.

Our hardware, software, and services span from routers and whole-house mesh WiFi for home WiFi to business access points and switches.

Linksys is known for Wi-Fi routers, mesh Wi-Fi systems, Wifi extenders, access points, network switches, and Wi-Fi networking

Fast, reliable, secure, enterprise-grade networking for any SMB business and Enterprise remote workforce

Powerful Cloud Management
Whether you are managing the IT network for a small coffee shop or a multi-national corporation, Cloud Manager gives you access to a robust network management solution.

3 Years Hassle Free Warranty