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ALSEYE, a leader in thermal solutions, has officially launched its products in Nepal. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in DC motors, aluminum radiators, soldering processes, fluid cooling modules, and more. Our expertise includes brushless motors, heat pipes, and efficient custom solutions. We’re committed to enhancing product quality, performance, and flexibility while reducing development time. Count on us for cutting-edge cooling technology and swift project progress

ALSEYE products have officially entered Nepal, established in 2011, boasts over a decade of successful experience specializing in thermal solutions. ALSEYE product range encompasses DC motors, stamped and extruded aluminum radiators, soldering and hot-plug processes, fluid cooling modules, pump body development, as well as sealing and leak-detection technologies. Recognized as a pioneer in heat transfer and electronic equipment cooling both domestically and internationally, we excel at addressing diverse heat dissipation requirements.

ALSEYE expertise spans brushless motors, heat pipes, fluid heat dissipation, sealing technology, thermal energy management, and related materials science. Our pragmatic and innovative R&D team excels in custom project development and delivering efficient solutions.

Committed to advancing core heat dissipation technologies, we focus on enhancing product quality, performance, and thermal solution flexibility while reducing product development time and ensuring product quality. In today’s market, the demand for accelerated product development and project progress is increasing. We remain dedicated to optimizing specialized cooling technology development and employing professional supply chain management to swiftly confirm design parameters and provide samples, expediting product development.