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ADATA – Your Gateway to Innovation and Sustainable Progress!

At ADATA, we’re not just expanding technological boundaries; we’re redefining tomorrow. Join us in investing in industries that drive societal advancement and sustainable development. We firmly believe that memory is the foundation upon which the future is built. With ambition, anyone can be legendary; with courage, vehicles lead us to sustainable destinations, and with aspiration, light broadens our vision.

Explore our extensive product lines tailored to meet your evolving needs:

Consumer Electronics:

  1. DRAM modules for desktop and notebook PCs
  2. Solid-state drives
  3. External storage solutions (HDD, SSD, enclosures)
  4. USB flash drives
  5. Memory cards and readers
  6. Power banks
  7. Car, wireless, and USB chargers
  8. USB, micro USB, and Lightning cables
  9. Media adapters

XPG (Gaming) Gear:

  1. Cutting-edge computer memory
  2. SSDs for optimal gaming performance
  3. Power supply units for reliability
  4. Sleek PC chassis for style and functionality
  5. Cooling solutions to keep your system running smoothly
  6. PC component accessories for customization
  7. High-performance laptops
  8. Gaming peripherals (keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headset)
  9. Lifestyle gears, including the iconic MANA gaming chewing gum

Immerse yourself in innovation with ADATA’s latest power banks, showcased at Computex Taipei 2018. Our e-commerce platform is your one-stop destination for top-tier technology and lifestyle products. Secure your place in a legendary tomorrow by choosing ADATA Nepal for all your technological needs. Shop now and step into the future!