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Discover Mivi, a Hyderabad-based electronics brand since 2016. Shop top-quality speakers, headphones, Bluetooth earphones, and more at unbeatable prices. Fulfill your tech needs with mission to provide affordable high-quality gadgets in India. Proudly designed and manufactured in Hyderabad, India.

Is Mivi a Reliable Brand for Consumers to Consider?

Mivi has quite a good range of products. Chargers, USB Cables, power banks, screen gaurds, custom and designer cases, audio accessories such as earphones and head phones and car accessories too.

Mivi products are considered value for money. While our experience with earbuds and neckbands has been somewhat mixed, we believe that is a reputable brand worth considering.

This brand has demonstrated its potential with products like the Mivi Roam 2 (one of the best seller portable speaker), which speaks to the brand’s capabilities. Currently, is in a growth phase, and we anticipate the launch of more impressive products in the future.

However, our primary concern is your satisfaction and value for your money. To ensure a wise purchase decision, we recommend carefully evaluating earphones and neckbands. It’s important to note that while some products excel, others may be more average. Therefore, we advise checking reviews before making any purchases. however we are very confident on speakers and Sound bar.

In summary, Mivi is an overall trustworthy brand.